Custom Framing

With framing your artwork, the objective most of the time is to choose your framing to match your art. You want the framing design to enhance your art not to detract from it. 

We have been involved with the framing industry since the 1970s. Our goal as framing designers is to present your art in a pleasing manner and to protect it as much as possible. Our design staff is continually trained on the latest framing design trends and preservation techniques. They will be happy to help you choose a framing design that will compliment your artwork and fit into your budget.

We have experience framing a variety of objects such as: needlework, doilies, baby blessing outfits, jerseys, sports equipment, jewelry, antiques, valuable documents, sentimental items, artwork of all mediums, children's art and family photos, to name a few. Bring in your favorite items and we will help you with your framing design.

Glazing Options:

This is the glass sample that we have in our store.  The picture you see online is not the best example of what the different types of glass look like over the same picture but you can get an idea.  The glass on the left is conservation clear glass.  It also looks the same as regular clear glass.  The glass on the right is non-glare glass.  The middle piece of glass is museum glass.   We also have samples of clear and non-glare acrylic if you would like to see them.

regular clear
conservation clear - blocks out 97% of UV rays - looks like clear glass
museum - blocks out 97% of UV rays and has an anti-reflective coating while still remaining visibly clear even at shadowbox depths
clear acrylic
non-glare acrylic

Fading of your art or photos occurs when any type of light reaches your art or photos. Color photos will fade faster than black and white photos. Some types of prints will fade more quickly than other types. Red inks tend to fade the quickest. Even textiles can fade in light. If you would like to give your art the best protection choose glass which offers UV protection.

Ready Made Frames & Mats

Along with custom framing we offer a large selection of ready made mats and frames. You have the option to frame your piece very simply or as elaborate as you would like.

For information about Fillets click HERE.

Frame Repair

It is possible that we may be able to repair your frame.  You would need to bring your frame into our store so we can look at the type of wood and see what needs to be done to repair it.  After we look at it we can determine if we are able to repair it and what the cost would be.  The average wood frame would cost about $15 to repair.  This would include cutting the frame down, gluing the corners together, putting V-nails into the corners, and then puttying the corners.  The $15 cost would apply to one frame layer.  Some frames are stacked pieces of wood (like enhancers or fillets) and would need to be taken apart and repaired individually.  Each layer would be $15 to repair for the average frame.  The cost can be higher depending on the type of wood and how much damage there is on the frame.  Please come in for an accurate price on repairing your frame.

We cannot repair frames made of styrofoam.  They take a special kind of glue and we do not carry that. 


If you would like an estimate on framing your artwork you will be pleased with our competitive prices. A framing designer is there to help you during regular business hours.

Competitive Shopping

If you would like a quote to take to a different framing store we would be happy to give one to you.  Just come to the store and we'll help you find a framing design that you like and that will fit into your budget.  We'll write all the information down including the frame and mat manufacturers and item numbers, any mounting types, glass type, and all other framing options so you can compare prices of the exact items with other framing stores.

If you find another frame store has lower prices than us we will see if we can beat their prices for the exact items.  You may even find we carry a moulding that another framing store doesn't that is less expensive and that you may like even better.  We'd be happy to help you.

This is what you would need to do:
Get an official printed estimate from our competitor which shows
1.  Store name  (must be local Utah business, not online)
2.  Current date  (all estimates dated within 2 weeks of when you come into our store will be considered)
3.  The frame manufacturer and item number
4.  The mat manufacturer and item number
5.  The mat manufacturer and item number of any liners, enhancers, fillets, stacked frames, etc.
6.  Size of frame
7.  Number of openings in the mat, if any
8.  How the piece is mounted (gallery stretch on canvas, vacuum mount, pin mount, stitch mount, transfer to canvas, etc)
9.  Glass type

When you come into our store give the estimate to a framing designer and let them know you would like to see if we can beat the price.  The designer will figure out our prices for the exact items in your estimate.  If we don't carry a particular frame we'll see if we can order it or try to find something similar that you like.

We do not carry plastic frames.

Coupons and Sales

If you are looking for coupons to use with your framing please check the main page of our website to see if any are available.  We also send coupons through email, by Facebook, and occasionally with handouts at parades. We do try to keep our prices competitive without having to offer 70% off sales. 

We appreciate every single one of our customers and hope to serve you too.

Wedding Receptions

If you need something custom framed for a wedding reception or other big event please come in as soon as you can.  Our normal waiting time for custom framing is 10 - 14 days but if you chose certain mouldings it can be quicker.  If you like a moulding that we have in stock it is possible to have your piece custom framed in a very short amount of time.  It would all depend on how busy we are when you place your order, if the moulding is in stock at our store, or if we would have to order it.  If you need your pieced framed very quickly you do have the option of paying a rush fee to get it done in time for your big event.  We also have a big selection of ready made frames from which you can choose.


We offer framing services as quickly as possible with no rush fees for funerals.  It is possible to have something completed the same day or in a couple days.  We want to help make framing for your funeral arrangements go as smoothly as possible.