Bee Paper Super Deluxe Drawing Paper

Utilizes a 93 lb. (152 gsm) NpH, archival quality heavyweight drawing paper. Classic white natural sheet. Double sized to accept wet media. For use with bold pencil, crayon, charcoal and watercolor.

Acid Free. 60/sheets per pad, double wired.

Item # Size
BEE-808S60-406  * 4x6 *
BEE-808S60-606  * 6x6 *
BEE-808S60-609 6x9
BEE-808S60-612  * 6x12 *
BEE-808S60-909  * 9x9 *
BEE-808S60-912 9x12
BEE-808S60-1114 11x14
BEE-808S60-1417  * 14x17 *

* We do not stock these sizes but can order them for you. Our shipments usually arrive once every 3 - 4 weeks.

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