Bienfang Bristol Board

Premium-quality, pH-neutral, 2-ply drawing bristol with unsurpassed whiteness.
Accepts all media and takes repeated erasures and reworking without feathering.
Vellum surface is well-suited to pencil.

20 sheets
146 lb
Smooth Surface or Regular Surface

Regular surface is also known as; vellum, kid finish, matte, drawing, cold press, regular, and texture.
Smooth surface is also known as; plate, hot press, and slick.

Smooth finish is excellent for mechanical drawing, pencil, pen and ink. Ideal for experimentation with airbrush. Vellum finish is excellent for any dry media including pencil, charcoal, and pastel.

Item # Size Smooth/Regular
SBR211121 9x12 Smooth
SBR211130 11x14 Smooth
SBR211140 14x17 Smooth
SBR210121 9x12 Regular
SBR210130 11x14 Regular
SBR210140 14x17 Regular

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