Graham Watercolors

We stock 60 of the 70 colors in the Graham watercolor paint line. We can order the colors that we do not stock. Graham paints arrive every 3 -4 weeks.

Artists' Quality

15 ml Tubes

Cadmium Red
Cadmium Red Light
Naphthol Red
Quinacridone Rose
Quinacridone Red

Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Light
Azo Yellow (Aureolin)

Hooker's Green
Sap Green
Permanent Green Light
Phthalocyanine Green

Cerulean Blue
Ultramarine Blue
cobalt Blue
Phthalocyanine Blue
Prussian Blue

Alizarin Crimson
Quinacridone Violet
Ultramarine Violet
Dioxazine Purple
Yellow Ochre

Chinese White
Ivory Black
Lamp Black
Neutral Tint
Payne's Gray

Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
Raw Sienna

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