Graphite Paper and Transfer Paper

Use Sally's Wax-Free Artists Graphite Paper to transfer your design from a pattern, sketch, template or free-hand onto ANY surface; paper, wood, fabric, canvas, metal, glass, tile, ceramic, etc. Sally's leaves no wax residue, so the transfer line can be erased like pencil with any eraser; it can be washed off ceramic, glass, tile, and metal. sally's can be washed out of fabric and a hot iron will NOT set the transfer line as will other tracing or transfer papers made for fabrics. The transfer line can be painted or inked over with no skipping for bleeding. Each sheet of Sally's can be used over and over... economical!

Directions: Put a piece of Sally's Graphite paper color side down on the surface (wood, paper, fabric, etc.) to which you wish to transfer your design. Place your pattern on top of the Sally's transfer paper. Using a stylus (ball point pen, pencil, tracing wheel, etc.) follow the outline of your design, applying enough pressure to get the tracing line as dark as you desire.

Item # Brand Size Sheets/Roll Color
SZ100 Sally’s 18x24 12 shts/Roll Graphite
SZ110 Saral 12’ x 12” 1 roll Graphite
SZ120 Saral 12’ x 12” 1 roll Blue
SZ130 Saral 12’ x 12” 1 roll Red
SZ140 Saral 12’ x 12” 1 roll Yellow
SZ150 Saral 12’ x 12” 1 roll White
SZ150 Saral 8.5x11 5 shts White