Kemper Pottery Tool Kit

All the basic pottery tools required for the professional as well as the beginner. The Kemper PTK contains one each: Loop Tool, Ribbon Tool, Potter's Rib, Needle Tool, Wood Modeling Tool, Sponge, Scraper, and Wire Clay Cutter. Kit is packaged in a reusable, clear vinyl bag with pockets for each tool.

KEPTK  - Made in the USA

Pottery Tool Kit 8 Pc - Imported

This set is also available and we can order it for you.  Our shipments arrive on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11:00 am.


Kit includes one each:
Loop Tool #ATLT5
Needle #ATPRO
Potters Rib #ATRB2
Ribb on Tool #AT8R2
Sponge #ATSPR
Steel Scrapper #ATS4
Wire Cutter #ATK35
Wood Modeling Tool #ATWT6

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