The Artist's Source Book: 80 Acrylic Painting References


by Walter Foster

Every artist faces the challenge of finding subjects to paint, as it's not always easy to find suitable references. This title offers the perfect solution for acrylic artists by providing 80 colorful and inspiring acrylic paintings to re-create. Each image is accompanied by useful close-ups or color mixes to help artists along the way. And as an added bonus, the book includes two sheets of transfer paper and 60 templates so artists can easily transfer the basic line drawings onto their painting surfaces.

More than 80 years ago, Mr. Walter T. Foster proved you can accomplish anything you can dream! Having painted signs, sold hog medicine, performed in a stage act, and invented the postage-stamp vending machine , Mr. Foster turned to publishing. The "how to" art books he wrote, illustrated, printed, bound, packaged, and shipped on his own soon grew in popularity, and Mr. Foster became well known for proving that anyone can learn to draw. Today the Walter Foster Publishing company carries on the tradition, developing books and kits that encourage creativity and spark imaginations.

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