Beginner's Guide: Color

Learn to choose, use, and mix colors


by Walter T. Foster & William F. Powell

Acrylic, pastel, and watercolor artists alike will appreciate this essential guide to choosing and mixing colors. In Color, Walter T. Foster teaches you the basics of color theory and how to apply it to your work. This valuable resource shares important insights on color, with in-depth instructions on mixing a range of colors including dynamic neutrals. You’ll learn about basic color schemes—such as complementary, split-complementary, and triadic, as well as how to effectively use color harmony in your paintings. With beautiful, full-color example s, this beginner’s guide will be a welcome addition to any artist’s reference library—after all, every artist can benefit from a working knowledge of color! (32-page paperback, 10.25" x 13.75")

Previously titled Mixing Colors and Materials to Use

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