Charles Reid's Watercolor Secrets


An Intimate Look at the Discoveries from a Lifetime of Painting
by Charles Reid

Charles Reid's Watercolor Secrets

Beloved artist Charles Reid gives readers a rare look into his artistic life with this fascinating book. The paintings on each page have been selected from the actual sketchbooks he has kept for the past 25 years.

These breathtaking illustrations are accompanied by concise commentary and advice from the artist that explains the process behind his work. Charles makes painting easy by keeping it simple; his techniques will show readers how to capture the magic of watercolor.

It’s an education in basic art principles and an exciting glimpse into the mind of a master painter. Artists and art lovers alike will cherish this book.

Charles Reid is well-loved throughout the world for his paintings, books and workshops. He’s the author of Painting Flowers in Watercolor with Charles Reid, among other books, and lives in Green’s Farms, Connecticut.

11"x8 1/2", 128 p,, pob, 175 color illus., April 2004

“Why is it, when we’re sitting or standing in front of our easel with a fresh sheet of watercolor paper staring at us, our thoughts are often,’l’ve got to make a great painting!’...and suddenly our fingers get a little stiff and our brain gets a little stiff and our spontaneity floats out the window? I promise you, the same thing happens in acting when the auditorium fills with people. And yet—at dress rehearsal the night before—we were ‘loose as a goose.’

“Charles Reid is my painting teacher. Last year he showed me the small sketchbook he always travels with, filled with little paintings.The looseness and spontaneity of those paintings were a revelation to me—not just because they were so beautiful but because within those small studies lay the secret to getting over the curse of having to make a ‘great painting’ every time we put brush to paper. I recommend these ‘little paintings’ to everyone?’

Charles Reid's Watercolor Secrets

—GENE WILDER, actor and student of Charles Reid, from the Foreword