Enhance Your Watercolors with Other Media: Watercolor Plus...


Edited by Ray Balkwill

Perfect for artists looking for ways to be more creative with their watercolor paintings, Watercolor Plus demonstrates how to combine watercolor with other media such as pen and ink, pastel, colored pencil, water-soluble pencil, metallic paints, gouache and collage.

Each chapter, written by a different successful artist, begins with a short step-by-step introduction to the techniques each medium requires, complete with practical exercises and project ideas for readers to try on their own.This is followed by a series of gallery pages showcasing work from a number of contemporary artists. Each one is an invaluable source of ideas that amateurs can incorporate into their own work.

The result is a thoroughly practical and inspiring introduction to painting in mixed media. One of the most rapidly growing areas of interest to amateur artists.

9" x 11 1/2", 128, pb,200 color illus., November2002