Incredible Light & Texture in Watercolor


by James Toogood

Every truly great watercolor painting hinges on the qualities of light and texture. In this concise guide, James Toogood shows readers exactly how to use these elements to add more drama, depth and believability to their work. Beginning and advanced artists will appreciate the wealth of instruction, including: - Clear explanations of natural and artificial light, as well as how light influences texture - Complete step-by-step demonstrations that show how a whole painting comes together - Basic color theory and pigment lessons to help artists get the most from their materials - Mini demonstrations with close-up views of techniques for light and texture - Drawing and composition basics to build a strong foundation for any piece of artwork

It's never been easier for painters to enrich their work with breathtaking light and texture!

Award-winning artist James Toogood is a master at creating realistic and eye-catching light and textures in his own work. He's enjoyed more than 30 solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad, and his paintings have been featured in all the top art magazines. James lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.