Light up Your Watercolors Layer by Layer

by Linda Moyer

Watercolorists of all skill levels will find page-after-page of valuable instruction in this intriguing new book. Linda Stevens Moyer shows you how to create transparent watercolors with simple techniques and step-by-step mini-demos. She also provides must-have advice on color theory and the basics of painting light and texture-the individual parts that make up the "language of light."

Moyer then shows you how to put this "language" to use to create beautiful, luminous paintings by layering with watercolor. Demos, color wheels, and call-outs to specific areas of paintings illustrate how every technique can be applied to create a radiant finished painting.

Finally, five mini-demos allow you to practice the layering process on simple subjects. Three larger demonstrations help you practice your skills on a complete painting.

Linda Stevens Moyer has been the recipient of many awards including a number of first place awards such as the Gold Medal of Honor from AWS and Allied Artists of America and Watercolor West. She has taught and exhibited her work throughout the country. Her paintings have been published in Splash 1 and 2, The Artist's Magazine and American Artist. She lives in Stansbury Park, Utah.

Hardcover, 128 pages; 225 color, 10 b&w illustrations, 03/03