1-2-3 Draw Horses


by Freddie Levin

From draft to dressage, young artists will find the horse of their dreams in Freddie Levin's latest, 1-2-3 Draw Horses.

Following the clear, step-by-step format that has made the other books in this series so popular, Horses includes just about every type of horse a child can imagine, from circus to rodeo horses, Mustang, Palomino, Arabian, Appaloosa ... even horse relatives such as a donkey and a zebra!

Each drawing starts with simple shapes and ends in full color, guaranteeing hours of fun--and some great drawings!

Art educator Freddie Levin is the author of a number of titles in the 1-2-3 Draw series. Levin's books reflect her experience as a book illustrator, adding value for children who want to illustrate their own books or stories. Levin lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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