All About Techniques in Airbrush


An indispensable manual for artists

Books in this instructive series are written mainly for advanced art students, teachers, and ambitious art hobbyists. Instruction is comprehensive, intended to guide learners in creating highly finished artworks of professional quality. Step-by-step instructions are presented with helpful photos, as well as illustrations of works-in-progress. The airbrush is a favorite tool of commercial artists and fine artists to produce photo-like effects. This manual demonstrates its use with many examples. Illustrated throughout in color.

Books in Barron's All About Techniques series are written for advanced art students and experienced amateurs. They explain the fundamentals of theory and technique, then proceed to give step-by-step advice on the methods you must master to create complete, highly finished artworks.

All About Techniques in Airbrush presents detailed instruction on the correct use of this favorite tool of commercial and fine artists. Used proficiently, the airbrush will give you photograph-like effects.

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