Beginner's Guide: Perspective

Learn to create a sense of depth in your artwork


by Ernest Norling

Perspective is one of the most important concepts for an artist to understand. In this valuable beginner’s guide, acclaimed artist Ernest Norling teaches you how to use perspective to create a sense of depth and realism in your artwork. Perspective covers techniques for drawing in one-, two-, and three-point perspective, as well as information on how to use vanishing points and the horizon line to establish believable depth. Special attention is given to learning to draw circles, cylinders, and people in perspective. Whether you specialize in drawing—even cartooning or animation—or painting in acrylic, pastel, oil, or watercolor, a good working knowledge of perspective is essential. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself referring to this essential guide again and again! (32-page paperback, 10.25" x 13.75") Previously titled Perspective Drawing

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