Colored Pencils


by Morrell Wise

Colored pencil is a wonderfully usable medium--perfect for sketching or rendering, and it mixes easily with other art mediums. Here the author shares some of the techniques he has learned throughout his career, guiding the reader step by step through the entire process, from selecting the materials, sketching, refining, and blocking in the undercolors to the final application of color and details.

o Find out about the materials you'll need to get started

o Master the basic layering techniques for rich color

o Learn to depict perspective, values, details, and atmosphere

o Create glazed and textured effects with white and other opaque colors

o Mix media using colored pencils along with art stix, felt-tip pens, watercolor, and tinted papers

Serious Instruction for Serious Artists

That's what the Artist's Library series is all about! The books in this series will help you expand your creativity, overcome technical obstacles, and explore new media. Each 64-page paperback focuses on the materials and methods of a specific medium and provides step-by-step demonstrations, helpful tips, and plenty of encouragement.

The quality of instruction in this series is unsurpassed. Each book is written and illustrated by a professional artist who specializes in the particular medium and is uniquely qualified to guide the reader to a new level of expertise.

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