Muscles in Motion


by Glenn Fabry

This is a special order book. We have 2 in stock as of July 2010. If we are out of stock we can reoder it. Deliver can take anywhere from 2 - 12 weeks.

Comic-book artists are constantly on the lookout for sources for creating those super-human muscles, and now MUSCLES IN MOTION is ready to heed their cry for help. While most anatomy and life-drawing books focus on average bodies, MUSCLES IN MOTION looks at the musculature of bodybuilders and athletes, and then builds on those physiques to create exaggerated forms that are still strikingly dynamic and realistic. With more than 800 action drawings taken directly from the sketchbooks of legendary artist Glenn Fabry, plus Fabry's remarkable commentary on those drawings, this is the single best book on action anatomy for comic-book artists, beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

Glenn Fabry is best known for his work with DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, including The Authority, Preacher, and Hellblazer, soon to be a feature film starring Keanu Reaves, entitled Constantine. He is also the artist of Marvel's bestselling graphic novel, Daredevil: Human Target, written by director Kevin Smith (Clerks).

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