The Art of Drawing Fantasy Characters

Discover step-by-step techniques for drawing aliens, vampires, adventure heroes, and more


Jacob Glaser

Enter the fantastic imagination of artist Jacob Glaser as you learn how to draw everything from an alien lord and a werewolf to a jester and a black knight. In this 144-page book, you’ll learn how to draw fantasy characters that you didn’t even know existed—except in the far-reaching corners of your mind. After an introduction to the basic tools and techniques of pencil drawing, you’ll discover 60 easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations, including a robot attack pod, Frankenstein, a vampire bat, an evil sorcerer, a barbarian warrior, and a damsel in distress. Many projects include a digitally colored final image and color palettes so you can see just one of the many ways you can bring your characters to life in vivid color.

• Features step-by-step instructions for drawing slimy alien beasts, ghoulish demons, dark angels, wizards, and more

• Provides a brief history of many of the characters, making this book a great resource for fantasy lovers

• Includes tips on digital coloring

144-page, 9" x 12"

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