Cartooning: Cartooning 2

Learn to draw cartoons step by step


by Jack Keely

Jack Keely invites you into his cartooning world as he shows you how to create a variety of entertaining cartoons. This how-to book goes beyond the basics of the ’toon trade. The author explores popular tools, explains his own cartooning techniques, and demonstrates his method of developing each character’s cute and cuddly or wild and wacky personality, step by step. Best of all, Cartooning 2 contains information about the wide array of career opportunities in the world of cartooning. With so many unique cartoons to inspire you, this helpful guidebook is sure to become a welcome addition to any cartooning enthusiast’s library! (32-page paperback, 10.25" x 13.75") Previously titled Step-by-Step Cartooning

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