Oil: Sunsets

Learn to paint step by step


by Violet Parkhurst

Nothing matches the glory and splendor of the sun as it slips below the horizon, surrounded by wonderful splashes of color. And depicting the vibrant drama of a sunset with oil becomes an easy task when Violet Parkhurst shares her tricks and techniques for capturing a vivid sunset on canvas! In Sunsets, you will learn how to paint a brilliant sun in a variety of settings, using different brushstrokes to emulate clouds, fog, haze and other atmospheric features crucial to a realistic sunset rendering. You will learn about composition and lighting, as well as how to depict the sunrays’ reflections on water. With this unique guide, you’ll be creating your own twilight masterpieces in no time! (32-page paperback, 10.25" x 13.75") Previously titled Ocean Sunsets

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