Watercolor: Florals & Botanicals

Learn to paint step by step


Barbara Fudurich, Joan Hansen, Caroline Linscott, and Geri Medway

In this gorgeous 32-page project book, four accomplished watercolorists show aspiring artists how to paint a range of florals and botanicals—from delicate orchids to bold birds of paradise. Beginning with the basics, the detailed lessons demonstrate how to portray three-dimensional forms and create compelling designs. Each project features fundamental techniques, such as using washes, glazing, and painting wet into wet. The authors also share helpful tips on revealing luminous colors in white, creating dynamic lights and shadows, and zooming in on a subject for dramatic effect. With vibrant, full-color illustrations and simple instructions, this essential how-to-paint book will inspire you to begin capturing your favorite floral scenes in watercolor.

Format: 32-page paperback, 10.25" x 13.75"

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