Classroom Rental

Rates as of October 1, 2008.
Prices subject to change.

Hourly Rate (5 hours or less)
$7.50 per hour - $15.00 minimum

Daily Rate (more than 5 hours)
$40.00 per day

If you would like to schedule the classroom for a class or workshop please call an associate at Provo Art & Frame.

As a teacher this is how you would manage your classes:

* students and teachers may park in the front of the store to drop off their supplies in the classroom but as a courtesy to all the stores on Center Street they would need to park somewhere else
* inform your students they need to park in the north east parking lot on the corner of Freedom Blvd and 100 South - there isn't a time limit there
* there is a 2 hour parking limit to the south of the bicycle shop

* as the teacher you are the manager of everything pertaining to your class
* pay your classroom rental fee monthly or weekly, whatever you prefer
* set your own price for the class, collect the money, and keep track of your own fees

* you would have access to floor easels, tables, chairs, a restroom, drinking fountain, a sink, and a big classroom with a lot of natural light, bleachers, tall floor light, air compressor

* make up a supply list and handouts with the description of the class to advertise and handout in the store

* check the classroom calendar upstairs to see if a day and time is available for your classes
* record all your classes on the calendar, to reserve your spot, leaving your name and telephone number, and the cost
* send an email to to make sure your information is on the art class blog and on the class calendar downstairs in the store where customer can see it.

* before class starts, come to the store so we can open the door for you
* pick up the classroom and bathroom after you leave, put everything away and sweep if necessary (you would not responsible for real cleaning)
* lock the classroom door when you leave

* let students know if you need to cancel a class
* if you want a class kit, talk to a sales associate at Provo Art & Frame about having them available in the store and at a discounted price

* you can advertise your class for free on our website, on KSL, and on Craigslist
* unfortunately, the classroom is not wheelchair accessible

* check all information on the art classes blog to make sure everything is correct
* check the information on the art classes blog calendar to make sure everything is correct

* be aware of when workshops are being held, they get to reserve any day or time

* Most importantly, have fun sharing your love of art with others!