Graphix Matte Acetate .003

Matte Acetate for Graphic overlay and protection of art work. Also may be used to create tole painting and decorative painter patterns and stencils. A piece of copy paper is about .004" thick.

Item # Sheets/Pad Size
GX3MT1417 25 14 x 17
GX3MT1924 25 19 x 24

Attributes of Grafix’s Cellulose Acetate Film:
  • Glass-like clarity
  • Very uniform optical properties and low birefringence
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Easily torn (low tear strength)
  • Easily die-cut
  • Printable with conventional screen and offset printing methods
  • Melt point of about 225 degrees F./110 degrees C
  • Approved world wide for indirect and direct food and medical applications
  • Available in Clear and Matte

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