Graphix Matte Acetate .005

Matte Acetate for graphic overlay and protection of art work. Also may be used to create tole painting and decorative painter patterns and stencils. Acetate is available in sheets, pads or rolls.  A piece of copy paper is about .004" thick.  We do not stock the following acetate products but we are able to order for you.  Our shipments usually arrive on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11:00am if our supplier has it in stock.

Available by Order Call for prices
Call for Item #s Sheets/Pad or Roll Size
100 Sheets per Pad 8.5 x 11
Roll 25” x 100’

Attributes of Grafix’s Cellulose Acetate Film:

  • Glass-like clarity
  • Very uniform optical properties and low birefringence
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Easily torn (low tear strength)
  • Easily die-cut
  • Printable with conventional screen and offset printing methods
  • Melt point of about 225 degrees F./110 degrees C
  • Approved world wide for indirect and direct food and medical applications
  • Available in Clear and Matte

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