Jack Richeson & Co. Wooden Palettes

Traditional rectangle and oval palettes provide a great surface for mixing colors, and come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any artist, from on–the–go plein–air painters to those looking for a solid palette for in the studio. Made of high quality wood for those who don't like to cut corners, also available in a melamine surface.

* This spacious old–world palette is designed for comfort and reduced fatigue. Even though it is larger and heavier than other palettes, its shape and balance (due to a counter–weight) help distribute the palette’s weight over the whole arm instead of just at the wrist.

Item # Size Shape
JRC696038 9x12 Rectangular
JRC696026 12x16 Rectangular
JRC696025 9x12 Oval
JRC696037 12x16 Oval
JRC696040 26x18* Oval Held in Left Hand

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