Pochade Art Easel

This is a great compact artist's easel, palette, and supply holder all in one.  We are able to order this easel or any of its components for you.  Our shipments usually arrive on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11:00 if it is in stock with our supplier.

Click on the image for a description. 

Item # Description
ctpb1012 CTPB1012 Pochade Art Box L
ctsb101 CTSB101 Pochade Supply Box
cttri0158 CTTRI0158 Tripod for Pochade Art Box L
ctbck1613 CTBCK1613 Sienna Plein Air Backpack
ctpp0912 CTPP0912 Pastel Palette 9x12
ctwp0912 CTWP0912 Watercolor Palette 9x12

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