Pochade Supply Box


We are able to order this supply box for you.  Our shipments usually arrive on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11:00 if it is in stock with our supplier. 

Keeps all the essential supplies in one convenient box.
Built in brush holes for holding wet brushes.
The perfect work surface for brushes, palette knifes, solvent can, viewfinder, all within easy reach.
Easy to attach, gravity does all the work, just set it on the tripod legs.
The Pochade Box's paper towel holder fits perfectly under the supply box.

Closed: 2 x 9 x 14.5
Open: 2 x 15 x 14.5
Brush compartment: 1.5 x 13.5
Paint compartment: 3.75 x 13.5
Work surface: 5 x 13.5

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