Masterson Palette Seal

The Masterson Palette Seal is a great tool for any artist who wants to save money on paint.  Many of our customers and employees use their palette to store oil paints in the freezer or the refrigerator.  One of our long-time employees has left her oils sealed in the freezer for well over 5 months in-between painting sessions and has still been able to use the oil paint. 

There are palette papers made for oil paints that you can put inside this palette.  We've seen students in our art classes use wooden palettes, glass palettes, and our very own plastic Dobey Art Palette.  It doesn't matter which type of palette you use inside the palette seal, all of them are good choices. 

If you want to use the palette seal for acrylics or watercolors you can do that too.  With this particular blue lid Masterson Palette Seal you can purchase a thin sponge to put underneath the palette paper.  The moisture in the sponge helps keep water-based paints wet for hours.  There is also the Sta-Wet Painter's Pal which has little paint cups inside the palette.  Each paint cup has lids which will help keep your paints moist. 

The Masterson Palettes are a favorite of our employees and many of our customers.

We hope you are enjoying your week and are making plans to enjoy the beauty of Utah!