Land & Light Workshop: Capturing the Seasons in Oils


by Tim Deibler

All artists can capture the stunning beauty of the seasons with Tim Deibler at their side. He teaches readers how to understand light and truly see their subjects in step-by-step lessons that include:

  • Ideas and exercises for mastering the four keys to any successful painting— shape, value, color and edges
  • Side-by-side comparisons of the same scene painted in all four seasons
  • Tip boxes in every section that provide quick and useful bites of information
  • Five practical, hands-on strategies for starting any painting
    It’s never been easier for beginning and advanced landscape painters to make their work more captivating!

    Tim Deibler is an accomplished artist whose work has appeared in the coveted Art for the Parks Top 100. He’s represented by several galleries and lives in Walsenburg, Colorado.

    8 1/2"x11", 128 p, hc, 220 color, October

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