Mastering Color


The Essentials of Color Illustrated with Oils

by Vicki McMurry

  • Goes beyond the basics of color theory
  • Uses oils to explain color, but many of the theories can be applied to every medium
  • Addresses how color affects the viewer and how to color to suit different subjects

    Mastering Color takes artists beyond the color wheel for a deeper understanding of the emotional and practical uses of their palettes. It features inventive, yet easy-to-understand, techniques that apply to every subject, medium, and painting level, with:

  • An in-depth section on the properties of color, including color density, mother colors, and transition colors
  • Examples, charts, mini-demos, demos, and comparisons to illustrate color theory
  • Advice for maximizing color as it relates to value, design, light, shadow, and mood

    Artists will appreciate this in-depth look at color theory—one that’s sure to maximize the beauty and appeal of their next paintings.

    Vicki McMurry exhibits her breathtaking paintings all over the United States. She’s a member of the Oil Painters of America, as well as a signature member of the prestigious Knickerbocker Artists of America. Hometown: Austin, TX

    hc, 240 color, 20 b&w illus, 144 p, . 8 1/2"x11", January 2006

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